Nik Salazar was born in New York and raised in Colombia, where he has risen to stardom of the highest caliber.

He began writing his first songs at 12, same time he started going to Performing Arts School. His unique mix of musical talent and natural on-screen ability has made him a crossover star of both music and TV.

He first appeared in the Nickelodeon smash-hit TV musical series “Chica Vampiro”, which was also purchased in several European countries. A year later, he was chosen as the human main character in the 15th season of “Plaza Sésamo” (Sesame Street), which was broadcast on “RCN Televisión”, “Televisa”, “Univisión” and “Discovery Kids”!

Nik has participated in several songwriting contests, including “Dona Tu Voz Para Los Que No Tienen Voz”, organized by the Inter American Press Association, in which he competed with the rest of the continent with his song “Adiós Impunidad”, landing in the first places. But his big musical break came in 2014 when his song “We Are One” got selected as a finalist (from over 2,000) in the Sony Music global competition "Supersong", in which he competed to have the chance to have his song recorded by Ricky Martin and be part of the official World Cup – Brazil 2014 soundtrack album.

In early 2016 he got selected from over 19,000 contestants with his song “Éxtasis” as a finalist in the Latin category of the “International Songwriting Competition”, and a few months later with his song "All Yours" in the top 40 category of the same contest.

Currently based in Los Angeles, Nik is riding a wave of momentum behind his new EP, "All Yours", which is an addictively delicious slice of 90s ear pop music, hoping it will help him project himself as an international artist and follow the footsteps of his grandfather, music maestro Manuel J Bernal.